England Travel Diary: Lap 3

England is a place where it’s famous for its culture as well as it’s history and nature.

After staying for a night in Bath, we decided to head to Castle Combe.

Castle Combe (Fotoğraf Serpil Yıldırım Eroğlu)

Castle Combe is an breathtaking village which was rated the most beautiful village in the world, it is 135 km. west from London.

You’re not allowed to park your car in Castle Combe. It gets really busy especially on weekends. Castle Combe has been a home to many film shootings.

Oxford is a city where it’s a home to many universities. Christ Church Cathedral is a must visit place in Oxford. We couldnt get into the Christ Church because it was past the visiting hours. You can go to South Park if you like outdoor places. Cornmarket and Queen Street are the top two areas for shopping. You’ll need only one day to explore around Oxford.

Oxford Üniversitesi (Fotoğraf Serpil Yıldırım Eroğlu)

Sheffield is an industrial city in the South Yorkshire. It’s famous for it’s steel production. Millenium Galleriy, Winter Garden, Graves Park Museum, Botanical Gardens, Kelham Island Museum, Rivelin Valley Natural Trail, Wyming Brook Nature Reserve, Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet are some of the must see places. Sheffield is named after the infamous river “Sheaf”. Sheffield has been bombed by Nazis in 1940’s and it was nearly destroyed.

John Rylands Kutuphanesi Menchester (Fotoğraf Serpil Yıldırım Eroğlu)


Radcliffe Camera, Oxford (Fotoğraf Serpil Yıldırım Eroğlu)


Manchester is a city where it can also be called as “Small London”, it’s been placed on the river Irwell. Manchester is a really important for sports and history,Beethan Tower and John Rylands Library are must see places in Manchester. You’ll need two days to see around Manchester.

Serpil Yıldırım Eroğlu

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