England Travel Diary: Lap 2: South England

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On my first article (England Travel Diary: Lap 1: London) I’ve started my starting point was London, now I’m continuing my tour with southern England. 


Beach Head

Beach Head (Photo by Furkan Kara)

A cliff which is 162 metres high and the highest in Britain. Because of that it’s near ocean you may experience a very high speed wind in winter and autumn. It’s a perfect place for people who like taking walks. But you should be careful while on a walk. You’ll see the belongings of people who died there. It’s a popular place for people who’s considering suicide



A medieval town located near the Avon river. It’s popular with its 123 metres high bell tower, which is the highest one in Britain. You’ll feel yourself in medieval time because of the reason that the town was built around 900. 


Durdle Door

Durdle Door (Photo by Serpil Yıldırım Eroğlu)

The most popular stone arch in the world. It was created by the sea waves which pierced through limestone. This place is a rare example of it’s kind. It’s not safe to go into caves in there since limestone is very likely to collapse. Durdle Door is a must-see for any trip to this region.  From camping to rock-pooling, walking to coasteering, photography to nature walks, or to just enjoy the stunning views. There’s plenty to do and see here. 

Durdle Door (Photo by Serpil Yıldırım Eroğlu)



Bath (Photo by Serpil Yıldırım Eroğlu)

A town which is 156 km. away from London,popular for it’s Roman Empire styled baths. Bath became a World Heritage Site in 1987. The Royal Crescent is a row of 30 terraced houses laid out in a sweeping crescent in the city of Bath. 

The Royal Crescent (Photo by Serpil Yıldırım Eroğlu)

It’s very high in young population because of the university in the town centre. Overall, Bath should be at the top of your must-to see list. 

On my next article, I’ll be writing about Oxford, Castle Combe, Sheffield and Manchester. 

Serpil Yıldırım Eroğlu

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