England Travel Diary: Lap 1: London

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Since the day I moved to England with my family, I was dreaming about to see every inch of the country that I live in.Finally, that dream of mine, became real.

When I found out that my photographer friends from Turkey were going to come to UK, I planned an 11 days of journey.

London Phase

I’ve chosen London as our starting point and spent 2 of our 11 days in London. Obviously, 2 days weren’t enough to see every part of this great city.So my advice for anyone who is planning to go to London someday is to stay for 4-5 days there.

A great place for portrait and architectural photograph due to ethnically diversity and it’s history You need to travel around by walking in order to see every part of the city. But if you think that is not possible, you can use subway by the Oyster card that you can get from the subway entrances.

Big Ben, London Eye and Tower Bridge are the places that should be your priority to see.

Big Ben will be maintained for the next 4 years. So it seems like it won’t be possible to take a good shot of the Big Ben.

Tower Bridge is a building on the Thames which allows you to see the city view at the very top of it.

Tower Bridge – Londra (Photo by Serpil Yıldırım Eroğlu)

London Eye, A’s the symbol of London, has a very long queue in the summer term but it’s totally worth the money and the time.

London Eye – London (Serpil Yıldırım Eroğlu)

Also museums, are a very important part of London. And the best thing is; they are free entry.

British Museum, is a place where you can see so much about human history.It also has some pieces from Turkish culture as well.

At Science Museum, you can witness the development of yhe technology and see old inventions.

Natural History Museum is a breathtaking place with its unique architectural design , should be in everyone’s must visit list.
National Gallery, in Trafalgar Square,is a place that you’ll lose your mind around all those amazing paintings.

Natural History Museum – London (Photo by Serpil Yıldırım Eroğlu)


When to go to London

If you consider that the schools in U.K. closes in July, the best time to go should be around May-June.






Serpil Yıldırım Eroğlu

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